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In 1943, Robert Carlisle joined the Navy and requested Photography as his work preference. After Boots he was assigned to the USS Chilton, APA38 out of Newport, RI. Then to the USS MONA ISLAND, ARG-9, which served in the South Pacific until 1946. As a Boatswain Mate, he continued his interest in photography. Did a few years in the Seabees and served in Grondal, Greenland as a Construction Driver and Mechanic.

Requested Photo School again and was granted Photo School in 1949. Graduated as a PH2 and was assigned USS FDR, CVB-42 and was promoted to PH1 and sent to Photo School as an Instructor in 1952. His collection of Navy images began during WWII and continued as a member of the photo community. His collection grew and by the time of his retirement after his 45 year career, he amassed a collection of over 10,000 photos.

After retiring in 1986, Bob was aware that many former Sailors are interested in obtaining prints of their former ships. Therefore, our endeavor will be to provide 2 sizes (8″x10″, 11″x14″, 15″x20″ or 24″x36″) Plakited color or colormode prints. They will be your ship or aircraft displayed highlighting your pride as a former member of the United States Navy..


The four large prints displayed here were ordered by a customer who has them on display in his office. He has received very favorable responses.

USS Iowa, USS New Jersey, USS Midway, CV-41, and thousands more including battleships, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, submarines, transports, oilers, tankers, amphibious craft, minesweepers, and auxiliary ships are contained in our vast files.
Our files contain most naval aircraft from the first flight off USS Pennsylvania on January 18, 1911 to the present. Navy pilots and crew on and off the carrier will appreciate our printed memories.
Photography in earlier years did not contain the sophistication of the digital images of today. Some of our file images were recorded under adverse conditions, due to weather, conflict, lighting, etc. We make every effort to produce an image that will look good when on display. If we cannot provide a quality image, we will inform the customer that our file image is not suitable for sale.

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